Useful commands for GoGocraft 2.0 players.

Teleportation and travel

Teleport to player

/tp yourusername destinationusername

Teleport to co-ord

/tp yourusername x y z

Items and inventory

Give item to self

/give yourusername item_name amount

Give mobhead

/give username skull 1 3 {SkullOwner:”username”}

Give item to player

/give username item_name amount

Give XP points

/xp amount username

Give XP levels

/xp amountL username

World and weather

Toggle rain on/off


Difficulty: Peaceful

/difficulty peaceful

Set time to day

/time set day

Difficulty: Easy

/difficulty easy

Set time to night

/time set night

Difficulty: Normal

/difficulty normal

Whisper to player

/tell username message

Difficulty: Hard

/difficulty hard